5 SMART Design Tips For Your Workspace
1. Blur The Boundaries
Make your workplace a more welcoming environment by blurring the boundaries between home and work. This helps your employees relax, reduce anxiety, and feel "more at home." A happy team is a SMART team!
2. Think Comfort + Wellness
Since workers spend a lot of their lives in the workplace, increase comfort and wellness by allowing natural light, adding greenery, having options like sit-to-stand desks and ergonomic workstations.
3. Loosen Up!
Did you know that your team can be productive even from relaxed postures? In fact, they may be even more productive. Allowing them to get off their feet and into a more relaxed position may help reduce workplace stress.
4. Allow Additional Spaces
Having additional space options can increase productivity, creativity, and energize your workers to get the job done.
5. Create Alone Time
Sometimes workers just need a break and a private place to think and focus. Make sure to plan for private spaces. The introverts will love you for it!